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HIV has done us great harm, but has taught us a lot about the immune system- perhaps pushing our understanding forward by decades.







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Kinkajou Kinkajou: Humanity is scaling the ramparts in its rush to understand the world of genes and DNA. The appearance of HIV, while causing immense pain suffering and death, has been the trigger to our understanding of the immune system. Although this virus is our enemy, it is also our teacher.

We have grown to understand the role of genetic disease in affecting health and longevity. Yet all the real advances in human lifespan have come from the reduction in infectious disease. We stand today with the confidence of a Lord of Creation in our dominance of the world of the microbe.

But some authors such as the good doctor (Dr Xxxxx) suggest that our understanding of the true nature of our world is more akin to that of the child than that otherwise adult. To realise one’s own mortality is to become keenly aware of one’s environment – in the world of cause and effect.

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